Walter Heindl und die Gruppe von Schumbeta zu Besuch in der Confiserie Heindl

A visit from Schumbeta Club

A peak into our production process and work ethics

Walter Heindl, owner and CEO, opened the doors to our chocolate factory for the group from Schubeta. Thourhout the tour they not only found out how our delicious pralines are made but also how we work and our approch to combining our traditional heritage with an innovative look into the future. A lively discussion with interesting angles and interesting ideas about sustainablity, progress and the future were the result.

Of course the group also strolled through our Schoko Museum and was able to try a varietey of pralines.

A group for knowledge and idea exchanges

Dies innovation have to be sustainable? Waht does real Progress look like? And how can we influence the future viability of our society together?

Questions that drive the Schumbeta Club since 2007. The common goal of the selected group: Sustainable innovation and real progreass for the future viability of europe.

Schumbeta arose from the first projects on innovation and sustainablity from Hannes Offenbacher & Nicole Arnitz in 2007 and is now a business that puts the maximisation of positive, societal impact into focus.