Confiserie Heindl at HUMA ELEVEN

More Chocolate for Viennas distric Simmering!

New Confiserie Heindl Shop at HUMA ELEVEN.

Last weekend we opened our new shop at HUMA ELEVEN – Viennas most modern Shopping Centre and so the disctrict of Simmering welcomes its second Confiserie Heindl shop.

Barbara, Walter and Andreas Heindl were at the official opening, together with Franchise-Partner Lilli Gaudernak and Center Manager Stephan Kalteis. The now 31rst shop “completes our offer of food specialities at HUMA ELEVEN.“, says Center Manager Stephan Kalteis.

You can find our wide range of pralines- and confectionary, handmade girf arrangements and all our vegan treats on the groud floor in Top 30.

Obivously all the wafer classics from Pischinger – oldest, still available sweets brand from Austria – are alos available at the new store.