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The Confiserie Heindl was again awarded with the EcoBusiness Prize this year!

In total, more than 1.200 companies have participated since the initiative was launched in 1998. The Environmental Award recognizes the commitment of the best Viennese companies and serves as an incentive and source of inspiration for companies that have so far been less concerned with the topic of corporate environmental protection. The winning projects will be determined by an independent jury, the Advisory Council of ÖkoBusinessPlan Wien.


Finest confectionery only with 100% Fairtrade cocoa

If the chocolate production at the traditional Viennese family company Confiserie Heindl is in full swing shortly before Easter, one thing is certain: The confectionery is produced energy-saving, environmentally friendly and with 100% Fairtrade cocoa.

The Confiserie Heindl has been implementing pioneering measures for many years based on its corporate strategy “Sustainability in the interests of consumers and the environment”. Heindl is the first company in Austria that has changed the production and the entire range to 100% Fairtrade cocoa.

Martin Heimhilcher from the Vienna Economic Chamber explains the award for the Confiserie Heindl with their conversion of the assortment to 100% Fairtrade cocoa: “The strategy goes even further, because all locally available raw materials such as sugar, flour or jam are sourced regionally from Austria. This important step towards fair relationships and a holistic approach in the supply chain has a great role model effect. ”

Saving on schedule – with the ÖkoBusinessPlan Wien

The EcoBusinessPlan Vienna is the City of Vienna’s environmental service package for Viennese companies. Launched in 1998 by the Vienna Environmental Protection Department MA 22, the EcoBusinessPlan supports companies in the implementation of environmentally relevant measures and helps to reduce operating costs. The EcoBusinessPlan Vienna makes a significant contribution to the Vienna Climate Protection Program (KliP) and the Urban Energy Efficiency Program (SEP), where it is anchored as an interface to the companies. The program is funded by the Green Electricity Fund for Vienna, the Vienna Economic Chamber (WIFI) and the Ministry of the Environment within the Ministry of the Environment. The program is also supported by the Chamber of Labor Vienna (AK Wien), the Austrian Trade Union Confederation (ÖGB), the Vienna Business Agency, the Vienna Technology Agency ZIT, the Municipal Department for Technical Trade (MA 36) and the Municipal District Offices (Gewerbebehörde).


Further information on the ÖkoBusinessPlan Wien can be found at www.oekobusinessplan.wien.at, all participating companies can be found at unternehmen.oekobusinessplan.wien.at.