Successful press conference for our anniversery

65 years of sweet success

On Wednesday, 12.09.2018 we invited renowned jounalists to a press conferrence to take a little walk on memory lane and look back at the last 65 years, but especially on the last year that brought a lot of positive change for us.

A positiv financial year in 2017/18

In the past fiscal year, we were able to continue on our growth course of recent years, with a sales growth of +8.7%. Just under 2/3 of them we reach through our own shops, 36% with our trade partners and supermarkets and 6% with exports. In export alone, we were able to achieve an increase in sales of around 29% compared to the previous year.

New markets with new products

We want to continue to expand our growth in export and tap into new markets with new products. With our new product range “Grüße aus Bayern”, we have already achieved this very well, as Walter Heindl explains: “We are very proud that we were able to convince Rewe Süd with our concept and already have listing commitments for around 50 branches”

The series, consisting of hazelnut-nougat-filled chocolate talers, chocolate hearts and chocolate balls, is also available for the Austrian market as “Süßes Grüße aus Österreich” in all our stores.

Our second brand Pischinger also offers new products and with the innovative snack pack line consisting of eight varieties (Caramel, Cappuccino, Lemon, Neapolitan, Hazelnut Noir, Almond, Hazelnut and Caramel), which are sold in the new airtight 100 or 120 g bags, we want to get our foot in with the trend towards single households.

Expansion of the branch network

With the opening of a branch in Klagenfurt’s CityArkaden in July 2018, we now have our first shop in Carinthia andd our most recent opening was the new store at “huma eleven” in Viennas district of Simmering.

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